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What You Need to Know about Depression and Suicide

The news of someone committing suicide is often met with shock and disbelieve, because many victims often appeared happy, but happiness is subjective, and many people will paper over the cracks of sadness, fear, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PSTD) and depression. At least a million people are estimated to die annually from suicide worldwide, that’s...
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Overcoming Loneliness in 5 Simple Steps

Loneliness is a feeling of intense isolation that occurs whether a person is physically alone or even when they have a lot of people around them. The feeling of loneliness is an often-debilitating condition, which can bring on an intense sadness. In addition to unhappiness, sufferers will also often be unfocused, fatigued, unmotivated, and sometimes...
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10 Tips for Connecting with Someone with Dementia

The pain you feel from watching a parent or loved one deteriorate because of dementia is indescribable. As the disease progresses, you notice that minor forgetfulness morphs into a loss of personality and severe impairment. As a progressive illness, dementia affects a person’s ability to understand basic facts or remember specific things such as places, names...
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