You can move towards a happier life. You have to put in the work and to believe it is possible though.

We have built this site to help people that live their lives with sadness. We are here to provide resources, links to organisations, and support to help you uplift your average mood state, and live life to the full.

Life is not supposed to be sad. We learn to live in a perpetual state of unhappiness through our experiences and the mental models we create. By forming new physical, emotional and mental habits you can break free from the chains that hold our emotions.

Being happy does not have a miracle cure. There is no fast track route to changing the way we see ourselves and our world. If we make the choice to seek our better ways to think, act, eat and feel we can take small steps towards a more grounded and centred approach to life; tinged with happiness rather than sadness.

Sadness.co.uk is a brand that’s ALL ABOUT YOU! A lot of websites profess to only be concerned about their viewers or readers and fail, but with us you get nothing short of fulfilled promises.

We want to assist you on a daily basis until you’re the best version of yourself mentally by helping you form new physical, emotional and mental habits which will help to break free from the chains that hold emotions.

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From : Me to You  : A Message !

Never suffer in silence !
I am a firm believer in "A problem shared, is a problem halved"
Well, maybe not halved, but learn to talk about your problems. With someone, be it family, close friend, professional organisation.
Life as we know is not usually straight forward.
There are ups, there are downs.
Hopefully we learn from the downs. No matter what form those low times take.
Take the pain. Come out stronger, and wiser
Is the way. But how, where and what can you do to help yourself ?
Divorce, addiction. phobia, anxiety, depression, low mood, loss of a loved one.
And yes, feelings of sadness and perhaps that you are in the grip of a perpetual sense of woe and foreboding.
If not checked. these feelings become your master. A monster even from within, as they control your life.
They adversely shape who you are. how you act, and how you interact with those around you.
Where you go. and what you do.
Avoidance, isolation, flight takes place of fight, and even panic attack set in.
All these enter the thought processes.
But of course this is immensely frustrating for the sufferer. For the real you. the true you. is masked. hidden. Desperate to leap out and show itself. .
Playing the clown or making light of your feelings by humour, you try to do. But this you cannot maintain.
Instead there may be a sense of nervousness.
Tension and inability to relax.
Even facial muscles become paralysed with fear, mouth is dry and sweating is evident.
All you want to do, is to let those facial muscles.... smile 😀 away your fears. But because you are not in a relaxed state that does not always shine through.
Perhaps because of this you may be asked are you happy? Are you enjoying yourself?
Others therefore may perceive you wrongly.
It is not easy.and immensely frustrating.
Much of our problems are controlled by the way we think. Our subconscious mind seeks to impose detrimental thought processes.
These can be eliminated or controlled through hypnotherapy.
Here on Sadness, we have also come up with daily
affirmations and things you can do to help yourself., Simple advice spread over thirty days for you to follow, repeat, and to assist in changing the way you feel, and who you are.
Nobody has all the answers, but help is out there.
Change comes from within. Based also on the acceptance that there is a problem, one that needs to be addressed for you to become a better you.
I myself have been on that journey of self understanding. It not only empowers me, but fills me with empathy and a desire
To help others where I can.
Why not share yours here on Sadness.co.uk
Compassion of the highest order in offering tips and advice to those who seek it, and an egalitarian approach is what we are all about.
Good luck and Never give up my friends:
Together we RISE.
Together we are STRONGER !


what you should expect

Appropriate resources, and links to organisations that will help to lighten your burden and help you have a happier disposition.

Although we may not be there with you physically, you can feel rest assured that we will be with you in every step of the way. We will help you help yourself, with tips, resources, advice, links, articles, inspirational content and so much more

We provide the support necessary to help you lift your average mood state, and live life to the fullest.

Our goal is to help our readers and visitors be happy. It’s as simple as that, nothing more. We go to great lengths to ensure that whatever negative feelings or conditions you’re battling with. Be that depression, low self-esteem, bad self-image, bi-polar disorder and many more you find useful help and guidance.
IMPORTANT : Your health is in your own hands. Only your personal physician is in the position to provide you with personalised medical advice.
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