Blushing, Going Red, Red Faced / Dining in Public

Blushing, going red, red faced. A familiar story ?
Well for some, far from that being a natural and common bodily reaction to certain situations and events.

To them it is a condition, phobia that blights their everyday life.
Their first experience of blushing to excess may be buried somewhere in the sub conscious. But as with many mental issues,

they most likely originate from a circumstance going back years. To our childhood even.
Called out to read or give a presentation in front of class maybe, dining in public, a dating experience.
Who knows ?
But for sure, those who suffer from blushing, the problem follows a familiar pattern.
Firstly there is the physical sensation of going red, blushing. This manifests itself into the fear of blushing.Then finally the knowledge that people notice and pass comment.
"Must say, you are looking flushed" "Blimey, you look like a tomato" "Your are like a turkey, why are you so red ?"
Such comments only serve to compound your redness, and the fear of going red.
It also not only causes you immense anxiety, but frustration too.
Why does this happen to me ? Looking around, nobody is red such as I ?
It is all down to what we are thinking. To the way we perceive and place unnecessary thought processes, and to what we think is a problem.
One such reversal process, what if you said to yourself : "Okay, so I might go red. So what ! "
It takes practice, but that first small call out to yourself, does actually start to impact and reduce your fear factor.
If you are not bothered, then it won't worry you. If worry is diminished, then the cause of the worry dissipates.
The journey to take control of your blushing has begun !
To do nothing, then the problem manifests, anxiety and fear increases, and avoidance and isolation may result.
Good luck !

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