Charity and Happiness

Do Something for Charity/the Community

If you’re struggling with low medical marijuana card online self-esteem issues, volunteer activities where you do something for charity or the community is well worth considering. If you’re looking to learn how giving back to the community, volunteering your time and effort and contributing to charity can build self-esteem and a great positive relationship with yourself, then you are at the right place.

When you take a moment to consider certain instances in the past where you have given back to individuals, your community, or the world around you, you might realise that you had genuine feelings of self-love and self-satisfaction. When we stop looking inwards only, and focus on the outside, a shift occurs, and there’s an improvement in the way we feel about ourselves – the mindset becomes one of gratitude, which is a positive and happy space to be.

A group of volunteers

How Helping Charity or the Community Helps You

There are several ways helping others can boost your feelings of self-love and self-worth. By improving the lives of others, helping to put smiles on the faces of adults and children alike, you see, in a direct way, that you are important. You get to meet people who in other circumstances, you probably would never have had the chance to meet before, people who share the same values and passions which you hold dear. The bonds formed in the process of giving back to the world are some of the strongest you can ever imagine.

Doing something for charity gets you out of your comfort zone and out of your shell. When your actions directly impact others, you will feel more inclined to step up and show up, and in doing so, you will see that you are capable of handling a lot more than you thought.

Being a part of charity or community work when you are struggling with self-esteem issues can be very rewarding. At, we recommend it as a valuable way to build self-esteem for the following reasons:

  • Opportunity for interaction with people – engaging in charity or community work is a great way to encounter new people and practice social communication, whether you are interacting with one person or a group. If you are looking to build your social skills or confidence around people, doing something for charity or for the community is particularly beneficial. You also find the opportunity to build real friendships.
  • Acquiring a sense of purpose – helping the community means you can make a difference to something other than yourself. It gives you something meaningful to do and knowing that you are doing something that matters can be a very empowering feeling.
  • Distracts from negative self-thoughts – the focus is shifted away from you when you engage in community work. Your mind is distracted by positive activities and you can successfully avoid thinking sad thoughts about yourself best essay help . You also get to enjoy a new-found sense of perspective.
  • Creates a sense of belonging – engaging in charity work naturally makes you seem like a good person to be around. In addition, working in a team or a group will boost the feelings of belonging and togetherness.
  • Gaining experience and helps you learn new skills – it is an empowering feeling when you learn something new. In addition to learning new skills that might end up being valuable elsewhere, you might gain work experience to help you find a job when you need one. Also, the opportunity to try out a new hobby presents itself as well.
  • Growing sense of achievement – doing something for charity or the community is a great achievement on its own. It can also take you out of your comfort zone and present you with the chance to face some of your biggest fears. If for instance, you experience social anxiety and have an unhealthy fear of social interaction, charity work is a way to practice being around people.
  • Brings fun and good feelings – there are so many activities you can engage in which hold the potential to be highly rewarding and fun. Good feelings improve your mood and mental health as well.

Preparing To Help Out In Charity and Community Work

To enjoy your experience in giving back and doing something for charity, steps need to be taken to first identify the areas where you can make the most difference. The size of your involvement could be small or big, depending on where you want to start from. Even the littlest help from you would make a big positive impact in the lives of others.

Start by making a list of your skills, talents and consider how you can position these qualities to help others. Consider if you:

  • Enjoy working with children or the elderly
  • Possess hobbies or skills that would be useful to a non-profit
  • Have the resources to donate financially
  • Possess items which you are no longer using which could help someone else
  • Feel that you could work to improve the living conditions of your community

By finding something well suited to your personal interests and needs, you can work more effectively to help charity or the community.

How to Get Started

A lot of amazing websites exist to help you get in touch with an organisation in need of your help. lets you find causes in your local area and cover almost all kinds of volunteer opportunity you can think of, from the environment to education, homelessness, and so on.

For something less formal, your home city will provide plenty of opportunities for you to help out, if that is what you prefer. Helping out at a local school is a great way to make a difference in the lives of young people. You can also help in keeping your local park clean and looking attractive and enjoy a sense of purpose and plenty of fresh air in the process.

A group of people cleaning a street

Practical Ways to Begin Helping Out

Helping out with charity or the community provides the chance to temporarily take your mind off immediate troubling thoughts, and can help to readjust your mindset. Spending time working for the greater good is ideal and when you can shift the focus away from yourself to how you are impacting the world around you, you will enjoy greater fulfilment and a higher self-esteem.

Begin by identifying a cause you are interested in helping. No matter where you are in the world, there is always someone or a group of people in need of the kind of help you have to offer. >, hurricanes, floods are in massive need of resources. Taking action to provide help, no matter how little will do a lot to boost your spirits and theirs. Some practical ways to do something for charity or your community include:

  • Participating in local relief efforts in your area
  • Donating to the Red Cross
  • Getting in touch with a shelter to find out how you or your organisation can help
  • Donating holiday gifts to a child or person in need at your local shelter
  • Investing your time at a food bank or soup kitchen in your neighbourhood
  • Reach out to an animal shelter to find out what they need. Offer to walk dogs or play with cats.
  • Get involved with a committee in your community which you feel passionate about
  • Contribute clothes that could keep others warm in the winter

According to research, individuals get stuck in the cycle of low self-esteem when they are overly focused on themselves and on what they are lacking. While this is not the only reason for low self-esteem, it is one of the biggest contributing factors to the cycle.

A miniature seesaw

A recent study shows that the best way to improve self-worth is to temporarily forget about yourself and take others more into consideration. You’ll feel more proud of yourself when you know that you are making a positive difference in the lives of others.  Your self-esteem remains elevated when you put into action how your foot print impacts those around you. You can also later look back on the experiences whenever you are feeling low or in a negative mood.

Boosting Self-Esteem through Community Service

Getting involved in projects to help the community can raise your confidence and self-esteem as you work to improve the world and help others around you. The feeling you get from helping others is indescribable and there is nothing quite like it. Do you feel most passionate about health, domestic abuse, the environment, education, animals, poverty, or the elderly? Your confidence would certainly spike knowing you are doing something important about issues that count to you.

As soon as you have decided how much time you have to offer, it is easier to decide on a community project and choose the issues most important to you. While some community service opportunities need ongoing commitment from you, others are one-time events.

Volunteer placement agencies exist in some cities, which work in a similar fashion to job banks. They function as the intermediary between volunteers looking to help and the non-profit organisations. Sometimes, you can discover charity and community help opportunities in your local paper. If you already have a specific organisation in mind that you would like to work with, the easiest and best way is to call them and find out what they need.

A medical volunteer

Helping in Educational Issues

If your charity of choice is education, the appropriate projects for you will usually include students. If you are interested in tutoring or helping out in a classroom, your local school is a great place to start. There are a number of opportunities available to work with schoolchildren and adults. A more common form of education-related charity is helping disadvantaged children who find reading a challenge and risk falling behind their mates. Such children may also be facing difficulties having social interactions with adults and other children.

Your work could therefore include helping them build their social communication skills in addition to their reading ability. Beanstalk charity is a national charity that trains volunteers to provide support to children week by week, by offering quality one-on-one time.

Creating Mentorship Relationship

If you are more interested in a mentor-mentee type of service, Big Brothers/Big Sisters is a great choice. Even if you worry that you might not be in the best position to mentor someone, organisations offer useful advice, information and counsel you to be a better listener and on how you can more easily befriend your mentee in order to make an impact. By getting this type of training, not only can you confidently take on the required roles, but the knowledge and skills gained will prove useful in other parts of your life.

Looking for a fun environment without committing to a steady mentorship program? We suggest Boys and Girls Clubs or after-school programs held by school districts, communities and churches for their children. Background checks many be carried out to ensure children’s safety so be prepared for that.

Helping in Environment and Conservation

A number of organisations provide volunteering work in conservation which differs from one charity to the other. The British Trust for Conservation Volunteers offers lots of opportunities to do practical work and help your local environment, including the construction of footpaths and creation of wildlife habitats. Charity workers are essential to the successful management of the bird reserves of the RSPB. Volunteering here provides the ideal way to learn about wildlife and conservation as you learn about your environment.

Volunteers are needed by the Local Authority Countryside and Forestry Units for conservation work including tree planting, creating ponds, stile building, dry stone walling and surveying sites. Specific opportunities may exist to find work at public locations. Many smaller groups also exist to take care of properties and land and are in need of volunteers to perform similar work. Helping out at the recycling centre is also a great idea for you if you are concerned about the environment.

Providing Relief for Health Issues and Homelessness

Taking part in a charity run or other similar events is one of the easiest ways to get involved in health issues. The American cancer society is known for its relief for life program and there are different walks to fight breast cancer, runs to raise money for diabetes research and lots more. Whether you are raising pledges to take part in it or organising the event, you will feel more self-confident with each step you take towards eliminating a health menace.

Serving food at a shelter

If homelessness and poverty is where you would like to help, food pantries, shelters, soup kitchens would welcome your help. Volunteers are always needed in humane societies and places involved in helping animals.


All charitable organisations need fundraising volunteers to assist with growing their income levels to fund their work. The biggest benefit of fundraising is that you can help out charities you believe in. Doing something to raise funds for charity may be as simple as going round with a collection bucket one weekend, or getting involved working in shops, taking part in educational visits to schools, developing new ideas or running events.

The British Red Cross for example, runs a fundraising week each year and need volunteers to give talks and help spread their message, sign up new members, organise and run events, and make formal applications for funding. Childline looks for people who enjoy organising parties, are skilled at creating and applying new ideas, and meeting people. Joining any of these charities to begin working with them is easy. Just contact them directly.

Getting engaged in community service can increase your self-esteem by putting your own life, ups, downs and all, into perspective. When you are faced with people struggling to find meaningful employment or homeless persons who cannot afford a single warm meal, it’s hard to feel down on yourself for your worries which are lighter in comparison. You’ll experience a real feeling of gratitude for your family and friends, and for your job when you meet people who are forced to live without any of these essentials.

If after taking part in community service, you would like more of the experience, consider joining community service organisations such as the local Kiwanis, Rotary, Optimist or Lions Clubs. Such organisations widen your circle of friends, and open up new doors of opportunities for business contacts and more opportunities for community work. In addition, there are opportunities for leadership and training which would help in boosting your self-esteem some more. You’ll be gaining new skills, making the most of your abilities and making a difference in the world – all with community service.

It’s Even Easier with Technology

There are some apps that provide useful help if you are looking to do something for charity. You can use them to discover local volunteer or donation opportunities. They include:

  • GiveGab

This app is all about making volunteering a more interesting experience. It puts you in touch with over 400,000 non-profits using your profile and interests. You can also log your volunteer hours and post pictures which can be seen by other volunteers on the app.

  • One Today

With One Today, you can give a little bit of your time and money to positively affect a lot of people’s lives. This app, created by Google, highlights a new non-profit organisation every day and you can make tax-deductible donations.

  • Kiwanis International

The Kiwanis International app offers robust volunteering programs around the world. Over 600,000 people volunteer through the app, which connects you to available local opportunities. The app also lets you raise funds and donate to the organisation.

The best time to start is right now. If you need to rise your self-esteem, stop thinking and take the necessary action. You are much more important to the world than you can possibly imagine.