Eat Healthy

Eating to Improve Productivity at Work

Most people believe that healthy nutrition is only important for weight loss or healthy living but it is more than that, eating right and healthy is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle. And very few people realise that there is a connection between eating habits and productivity at work. A healthy diet impacts your concentration, awareness, decision-making and productivity

According to data from the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, one in every three American Adult is obese. Obesity is the chief cause of diabetes and heart diseases, so an increase in obesity will increase the likelihood of these diseases which will lead to reduction in productivity thereby increasing cost in the workplace. However the relationship between good nutrition and productivity goes beyond obesity.

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What Food does to the Brain

The human brain requires glucose to function; the body converts food to glucose which the brain uses to maintain alertness all through the day. Invariably when there are low levels of glucose in the body, the body experiences low levels of energy and mental alertness. The inverse is the case when there are high amounts of glucose in the body.

However, for optimal function of the body, it is important that glucose levels in the bloodstream are kept moderate (not too high or too low). Since the body processes the different food we eat differently, the level of glucose released will differ and this makes what we eat very important. When we consume foods that release glucose quickly, for instance, a doughnut, there is a quick rush of energy and then a crash afterwards and this is because your body processed it so quickly and leaves you with little energy thereafter.

The same happens when we eat food that is high in unhealthy fat, your system works harder to process this food that provides slightly sustainable energy. And this can make you sluggish.

How Food improves your Productivity

Proper nutrition aids cell development in the brain and it is easy to make the connection between eating and productivity. The benefits of having a healthy diet are:`

It reduces Stress

A significant part of our lives is occupied by stress and while it cannot be eliminated, it can be properly managed. There have been studies that prove that our eating habits can affect our mental well-being and therefore follow a proper diet schedule to reduce the risk of depression and mood disorders. Healthy eating habits help to control your stress levels and increase your performance.

Improved Physical and Mental Alertness

The foods we eat are filled with nutrients which are essential for our body metabolism without which we cannot maintain our physical health. These nutrients also play a major role in our mental health as well. The brain utilises fat and carbohydrates to improve it functioning which enables you to think sharper and develop new ways to handle work challenges.

It increases your Performance

Food is like a fuel to the body, just as the way petrol or diesel is to a car, it enables the body to function smoothly and efficiently. Because the human body is complex and performs various function, good food is required to enable the body to perform to the best of its abilities.

It helps keep a Balanced Life

Eating healthy can improve your sleeping pattern, which enables you to generate new creative and effective ideas when you are awake. It also helps keep you fit which helps maintain and develop your mental health.