How to add excitement to your life

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At one point or another, you may reach a point when life gets boring. You don’t get excited anymore about your job, education, home, personality, and life generally. This could be a result of the pressure and routine. Your breakfast, outfits, shoes, and work is repetitive, with no change of pattern. At your free time you flip through pictures on your smartphone to keep up with the social media life, but, deep down, you are not satisfied about the boredom. The boredom may last for just a few hours or years, especially with respect to work when you just wake up to “attend” work to foot the bills. At this stage, you are not even doing the work you love, complicating things. Ultimately, you remember the exciting times other people have had and hope to enjoy same. At the time when everything becomes monotonous, there are a few things you can do to add excitement, new passion, and joy to your life to boost the pursuit of success. Living the dream and succeeding is the crux of life, but the times and monotony may slow you down. Thus, to shake things up and bring exciting times into your life, here are a few things you can do. Before proceeding with the need for exciting activities, there are a few principles that must, going forward, be your guide so you may be equipped with the right thinking about your life. Master these principles and you can proceed to enjoy any fun and interesting activity that contributes to your having a great and happy life.

Principles for living an interesting and exciting life

The responsibility for your life devolves only on you. No other person can make your life decisions for you. Although it may not be easy taking steps in the right direction or reaching decisions, nonetheless, it must be done. Therefore, understanding life principles and committing yourself to them helps you live a fulfilled life.

Quit worrying about what others think of you

The first principle and probably the most important decision you will ever make about your life is to quit worrying about what other people think of you, your job, dressing, walking, speaking, singing, dancing, and life generally. There is absolutely no reason for you to worry about their thoughts about you, more so, human beings are insatiable. It is your life, and the choice on how to live it should be yours alone. Never listen to naysayers, critics and mischief makers, they will always be there. Listen to your heart not what others say or request of you.

Greatest moments do not require money

Living life to the fullest does not require only money. To be candid, the sweetest and memorable moments are created without spending a dime, as you will soon find out in the list of exciting things to do. Yes, great moments may be amplified with money, but chances are that you can enjoy life pretty much without spending money. Only be grateful for what you have.

Make more time

Thinking you have no time to partake in an activity or join in fun is a joy killer. When next you are asked to meet up or join a short trip, never give the excuse, “I don’t have time” because you can always make time. Yes, it is true you spend time working, commuting to work, but in order to really enjoy life, you must create the time for the things give you that opportunity. Find out the things that matter to you, make time for them, and begin to enjoy a new lease of life.

Too much seriousness causes you to lose

Life is too short. Being too serious may lose you great moments of joy and excitement. In the blink of an eye, a year is gone, only to discover you have been doing the same thing. Appreciate each passing moment for you will refer to them in your old age. Living life to the fullest is non-negotiable. You don’t need to be so serious about life, it is a passing phase, so make it exciting, interesting, and joyous.

Add fun and excitement to your life

At all times, you pass through different emotional state in life. But, irrespective of the emotional state, you can live the great life that you want. Living an exciting life is not about wealth or lack of it, it is about how you enjoy each moment. More so, time waits for no man, just enjoy each passing moment.

20 exciting interesting activity for you

  1. Learn a skill

Is there a particular skill you have always wanted to learn? It is time learn and master the skill. You can learn a business, designing, swimming, playing golf, table tennis, and musical instruments. Mastering it gives a moment of fulfilment which increases your feeling of worth and gives you extreme satisfaction.

  1. Watch the sun rise

Wake up early to watch the sun rise. Nature is a repository of fun and exciting activity. Starting your day with watching the sun rise energizes you for the day and pushes you to live a better life. You may encounter some difficulty in getting out of bed, but it’s a necessity, moreover, you must learn to leave your comfort zone in order to enjoy the memorable moments.

  1. Host a get together for your friends

Weekends could quickly turn to a monotony if all you do with it is sleep, watch TV, and sleep again. Rather than wonder what your time has been spent on during the weekends, make it a wonderfully classic affair by hosting your friends. Invite a couple of friends to your home to join you in playing games, eating, drinking, and catching up on life. It will boost your energy level for the new week and you can also look forward to the following weekend.

  1. Re-arrange your room

The feeling of boredom is not only a state of mind but also in our surrounding. Our surroundings can add to the monotony. To shake up things and bring a feeling of excitement to you, find a day to rearrange your house. Rearrange your bedroom and living room for a start. Walking in to meet a new arrangement of your room speaks freshness to your mind. Re-painting your room walls too is a fun activity which you can do yourself. Try it with friends to catch fun.

  1. Change your hairstyle

Getting a totally different haircut or hairstyle from the one you usually do will get the compliments rolling in but most importantly motivate you to go out, flaunt it, and raise your excitement level. A new hairstyle also gives you a new look in the mirror where you can see a new you.

  1. Read a book

Reading a book gives you joy, hope, inspiration, and knowledge. There are so many kinds of books to read and if you have a great imagination, you will indeed enjoy reading them. Although personal development and motivational books are recommended, you can read other books depending on your choice. Reading enhances your knowledge, understanding, and focus.

  1. Take a ride

After watching the sun rise, you can take a long, relaxed ride. It can be a short trip within your city or a long trip outside your city, whatever your choice is, it is an opportunity to breath in fresh air, see new places, and enjoy some serenity. Don’t forget to play some good music.

  1. Go for a short weekend trip

Occasionally, call your friends to organize a weekend trip. It is important to enjoy a relaxed mind always. A short weekend trip can help you catch your breath and increase your productivity. You can use it as a lone time or a reunion with family and friends.

  1. Strike a conversation with a stranger

Get to talk to people you don’t normally talk with. This could be in your office during lunch, on the social media, in the train, plane or while walking home. Talk about random things in life, share experiences, find out principles, and just generally be happy.

  1. Go retro

Revisiting old places where you grew up or schooled could bring back the memory of the past times well spent. When you are feeling down and bored, find time to ‘time travel’ to your past. It will help you feel great about how far you’ve come and give you hope for the future.

  1. Volunteer for activities

Take a day off to join volunteer teams such as free teaching classes, marathon races, Red Cross, donating clothes, visiting the prison, feeding the hungry, and cleaning the streets. These are activities that can help you spend time differently from the monotony you have always lived. It will also give you a new satisfaction.

  1. Face your fears

Life goes by and in the blink of an eye, you are old. More so, fear is an emotion that will keep you in boredom. If there is any peculiar activity you fear doing, go out and just do it.  Decide to face your fears so you may get the feeling of accomplishment. If you fear swimming, surfing, or sky diving, take a lesson and never give up until you master it. The joy of conquering your fears strengthens you to conquer other hidden fears.

  1. Practice solitude

Learn to spend time with yourself in order to reflect about life. Alone time will afford you the opportunity to imagine your future and how to better it. Amidst the competing life activities, find time to know and enjoy yourself. Switch off the phone, cook your favourite meal, take a walk, nap, watch movies, and meditate. Organize an activity that will help you reflect on your happy life.

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  1. Surprise your loved ones

No man is an island and we do need people to live life to the fullest. An interesting way to add fulfilment to your life is by surprising your loved ones with gifts and visits. It will enhance your relationship with people you care about. It will also make you feel better knowing you have the support of your loved ones. Take your loved partner out for a movie or a dinner date, or simply stay in to cook their favourite meal for them. Anything to show you love them.

  1. Change your music playlist

Listening to music is refreshing but repetitively listening to an old song won’t bring out the excitement in music. Go out and enjoy music from different artistes in order to reinvigorate your musical taste. Music applications like Spotify and iTunes allow you listen to variety of songs. And you can also develop a new musical interest just to up the excitement.

  1. Write

Writing brings out the creativity in you. It can be poetry or prose. Awaken your creative writing ability by writing about feelings, goals, interests, past times, and habits. It will also help awaken your thoughts and can give you a warm feeling about life.

  1. Go cheer

Attend a sporting event such as football, tennis, basketball, boxing, and golfing to cheer with energy, passion, and excitement. The excitement of sports is contagious and can uplift your spirit. If you can’t attend one, then put on your TV, invite friends over to enjoy a cheering time for your favourite team.

  1. Exercise

Without fitness, living an interesting life is almost impossible, so exercise often. Don’t just exercise, do exercises that brings the excitement of winning. While at it, ensure you always improve on your fitness goals, so if you run 1km today, improve on it tomorrow.

  1. Be in the moment

Whatever activity you are doing, be sure to enjoy the moment. If you are swimming, be in the moment, enjoy it without thinking about your finances or work. There’s no reason to worry about the past or what will happen in the future. Let go of the stress and enjoy your fun time.

  1. Count your blessings

Being grateful for everything you have helps you count your blessings and appreciate how far you have come in life. When you count your blessings, it gives you a hope for a better tomorrow. It will also train you to be more appreciative and optimistic.

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Life is fast paced and short but living an exciting and fulfilled life is determined by only one person: You. You can make your life interesting if you really commit to performing some of the activities above.