Fitness means Good Health

Being healthy is more than the absence of illnesses medical marijuana card or diseases; it comprises physical, mental and emotional well being of any human being. Physical exercise aids good health because it allows the body push its limits without causing damages. Physical exercises such as jogging, running, lifting weights, hiking and more helps the body adapt to stress when such activities are repeatedly performed. Thus the body gets used to such stress that it almost feels normal and it would require more stress-inducing activities to create the same challenge.

A group of people exercising

It is, however, important to note that looking fit and being fit may not necessarily be the same because it is possible for individuals to get “ripped” on steroids, and yet not be functionally fit.  To be functionally fit means to possess the following elements of fitness; Endurance, stamina, accuracy,  coordination,  speed, power, flexibility, agility, strength and balance. These elements can be achieved through physical activities like climbing, running, throwing, pulling, pushing, lifting and jumping. Accordingly looking fit does not guarantee good health if you are not functionally fit.

Aside from the physical strength and energy boost, getting fit has a wide range of benefits to the human body and accordingly one’s health. Some of such benefits include;

When you’re fit, you smarter and happier

Being fit improves you IQ levels. Working out leads to increase in the release of certain hormones such as dopamine and neurotransmitters to the brain, as well as increased oxygen getting to the brain all of which leads to better and improved concentration and memory. Similarly, exercises lead to a surge of dopamine and endorphins which promotes the feeling of lightness or happiness. Although this change in mood is temporary, it may improve one’s overall mood in the long run.

When you’re fit you look good

One of the major benefits of being fit (and the reason many engage in it) is that it promotes a better physique. This is achieved through weight loss, healthier skin, increased hair growth and reduction of wrinkles, eye bags and other facial blemishes. This consequently increases self-confidence and goes a long way to improve your mood.

When you are fit, your wounds heal faster, your heart won’t fail and your blood circulates.

Your immune system is strengthened by getting you through stress-inducing activities (exercise). The stronger your immune system, the faster your wounds will heal and fewer illnesses you have. Similarly, your heart is strengthened when you engage in cardiovascular exercises, by causing the heart to pump blood faster. The stronger your heart, the lesser the chances of suffering heart failure or any other heart issues. Regular exercises also cause efficient circulation of blood through the body. This improvement of the circulatory system helps to combat high blood pressure and promotes even skin tone.

When you are fit, you have better breath control and sleep better

Exercises such as running and climbing strengthen the lungs because they require you to use lots of air and thus helps regulate breathing. This also helps you swim better. Likewise, exercises improve your sleeping habits and make leaves feeling properly rested.

When you’re fit, your metabolism is faster, and you don’t age too quickly

Exercises help increase the speed of metabolism because you burn more fat for energy production and muscles building. This also helps your system digest food properly and faster. Equally, keeping fit through exercise slows down the effects of aging by producing growth hormone which repairs and heals damaged cells.