Get Out of Bed – A New Routine

The mood you're in when you wake up every morning - happy or not - determines how productive you will be for the rest of the day. Those who wake up deeply sad or grouchy, consider themselves as not being "a morning person". This grumpy or irritable feeling lasts for about a period of about 30 minutes after a person wakes up. It's also called the 'sleep inertia', and could last longer depending on the individual.

A man waking up

Waking up generally, is a slow process which should not be associated with sadness or lack of adequate sleep. But getting energized after the sleep inertia phase or remaining grouchy can actually be a decision you are willing to make. Health experts say if you have that irritable feeling only from Mondays to Fridays then it could be that you are not getting enough sleep or you just don't look forward to being at work. If its regular, then maybe you need to evaluate your attitude towards life.

Regardless of how often this feeling occur, one important thing you need to do is change your "Get out of bed" routine. You cannot expect any changes when you keep doing the same thing over and over again. Following your regular routine will only make you feel indifferent or even worse. Therefore, in order to wake up with a positive mindset, here are 20 carefully outlined tips to help you start your day feeling better than ever!

  1. Always Plan for the Next Day, the Night Before

Waking up to an untidy environment can get you irritated and even agitated. From trying to find work notes, wallet and keys, to figuring out what clothes to wear for the day, you end up feeling more stressed and disorganized than you were the day before.

In order to wake up with less worry, take out about 20 minutes to arrange and plan your schedule for the next day. Pick out the outfit and iron if rumple. Pack your work bag and keep it close while placing your phone, wallet and other accessories on the bedside. If there's any office documents you took home, make sure you don't postpone it till the morning - finish it immediately after dinner. It might make you feel more tired, but a little tiredness is also key to a peaceful sleep. Remember also that, one of the best feelings ever is waking up to a clean and tidy environment.

  1. Fill your Nightstand with Fresh Flowers

Beautiful pleasant-smelling flowers have a way of making you feel good about yourself. Studies have also shown aromatic plants can trigger hormones that help energize an individual and brighten up their mood. Therefore, endeavour to keep a carefully handpicked and nicely arranged bouquet in your nightstand - and place it somewhere you can easily admire from. You can also water it to keep it fresh.

  1. Leave Your Curtains Slightly Open

During winter or fall, the dark weather has a way of making a person's mood to plummet. Therefore, any amount of sunshine you can get can actually brighten up your day. However, you also need to condition your room's temperature to a degree your body can easily acclimatize to. Don't make it too hot or too cold so it doesn't affect your much needed quality sleep.

After locking up your doors and windows, draw your curtains half way to allow early morning sun rays penetrate through. This is a good source of vitamin D, and it helps your flower bouquet blossom. However, when bright light fills your room, you tend to feel happier.

  1. Always go to bed Early

Not everyone is capable of sleeping off immediately they hit the sack. Some people tend to settle into the posture or position their body is comfortable with, before drifting off. Therefore, it's adviced you go to bed at least an hour or two earlier than usual. Remember the kiddies folk song, "early to bed, early to rise... Makes us healthy and wise".

Even if you don't doze off instantly, your body gets to know that it's time to wind down for the day. By the time you wake up, you won't even feel the urge for more sleep. Instead you will want maximise that positive mood and be productive through out the day.

  1. Sleep with Little or No Clothes On

As awkward as it might sound, sleeping naked actually has its advantages. Scientific research shows that it helps you burn belly fat, and also let's your skin 'breathe'. After a day of tightly fit clothing, giving your body that needed freedom makes you relax more. You'll discover that you wake up in the morning feeling sexier and well rested as compared to the previous night(s).

  1. Don't Jump Right into Bed Immediately After Eating

A lot of people make this mistake. Once they are done with dinner, the go to bed almost immediately. Others even 'eat themselves to sleep'. That's wrong, because you need to give your digestive system sometime to breakdown what you have eaten - except you want to wake up in the middle of the night feeling bloated or constipated. It's important to master your body system and it's metabolism, and how it will react the next morning - so you spend the time meant for sleep, in the loo.

To avoid that, you have to cultivate a new habit of eating hours before bedtime - possibly 2 to 3 hours - and don't eat heavy meals. If you are wondering what to do with the time, you can read a motivational book, get some office or school work done, plan your schedule for the next day, or amongst other things.

A lady waking up

  1. Use a Nice Tune as your Wake-Up Alarm Tone

For those who use an alarm clock in order to wake up on time, changing the alarm tune to a song by Paul McCartney, Rihanna or your favorite music helps make your morning better. Smooth sensational sounds have a therapeutic effect on the mind and body of an individual.

  1. Try Sleeping on Your Back

According to research, one of the best positions to sleep is on your back. There are times at night when sleep keeps eluding you, tossing and turning won't make you feel any better. Just take off any extra clothing and sleep with your back to the bed - for optimal rest.

  1. Eat a Proper Breakfast

A happy belly makes a happy person. First of all, you need to drink a glass of water or two before going to bed - as it helps flush your system and keep you hydrated. If you expect your body to move, get active, process, detoxify, metabolise and have enough energy the following morning, you need an average 8 hours of sleep every night. Immediately you get out of bed, also ensure you take another glass to rehydrate your body and ensure a proper flow of oxygen.

Thereafter, wash your hands and face with cold water - then settle down to a properly made balanced diet for breakfast. It has a way of refueling your body and soul, making you feel energetic. Although, most people claim not to have 'enough time" to make or consume a big breakfast - that's why it's also important you wake up early. Take out about 15 to 20 minutes to eat a healthy breakfast. A little lunch later will nothing on you.

  1. Exercise and Stretch Your Muscles

Stretching your body and muscles once you are awake helps keep the blood in your body flowing. You can also carry out some yoga exercises on your bed without going to a gym. These releases some 'feel good' hormones like endorphins. It helps lower the stress of the day, making you feel a lot more optimistic and productive.

Exercises like skipping, briskly walking round the house, press ups, push ups and so on, can also help you maintain a healthy and fit body. Once you are done, make the bed. A well dressed bed reduces the incentive for one to get back on it. Besides, you wouldn't want to drench the bedsheet with sweat.

  1. Play Music rather than Watch TV

Watching TV in the morning may actually weigh you down, with all the bad and weird happenings in the news. Why not just skip all of that or may be record it or whatever show you like, and watch later in the evening? Besides, your favorite channel can also make you feel too lazy to get out of bed.

Alternatively, you can play subtle or inspirational songs to help brighten your morning and put you in the right mood for the day. So take out time during the weekends and make a lovely playlist to spice up your mornings.

  1. Spend Some Time Playing with Your Pet

Do you have a cat, a dog or any furry pet? Spend a few minutes playing with it - after you leave the bed. Feeding and stroking it's fur gives a sense of responsibility and care. This is a moral booster to make you feel positive about yourself and the day ahead.

  1. Never Hit the Snooze Button

During the sleep inertia phase, you tend to feel groggy at first. So when the alarm rings, you have to summon the strength not to hit the snooze button. This is because you will only end up sleeping beyond stipulated time and when you finally get off the bed, you feel more grouchy and wish you had woken up earlier.

In sports, they say "if you snooze, you lose". Apply that here to avoid losing track of time. Rushing to meet up with deadlines (after giving in to the urge for more sleep) only ruins your mood further. So resist the temptation and never hit the snooze button!

  1. Do Not Pick up the Phone

This doesn't mean you should ignore calls - but instead of picking up your phone first thing in the morning to go through emails, facebook, twitter, instagram and other social media sites, why not meditate a little bit. While exercising or performing yoga, you can meditate on a few things from the previous day and think of how to improve on the days ahead. This routine even helps you react and respond reasonably to messages when you finally reach out for your phone or other mobile devices.

  1. Sleeping Next to a Loved One

When you wake up in the morning and the first person you set your eyes on is someone you really care about, it puts a smile on your face. It also gives you some sort of hope and assurance, which adds to your optimism and positive approach to life. Be it a significant other, a member of your family, your closest friend or someone you admire, the fact that someone you cherish is right there, gives you a reason to be happy.

  1. Wake up Earlier than intended

Waking up early has many great effects on you and the rest of your day. If you use an alarm clock, set it to 30-45 minutes earlier than the time your wish to wake up. So that by the time you are awake, the sleep inertia phase also falls within this period and you'll have enough time in your hands to positively kick-start your day.

You can spend about 30 minutes walking or exercising round the room and enjoying the bright lights from the window. If possible make a cup of tea or coffee, it helps counter sleep inertia too. But drink with moderation because too much caffeine can actually make you grumpy. Also try engaging in different activities within this period as it helps you save time - and like they say "time is money".

  1. Have a Nice Bath

A good shower pretty much fixes everything. Spending up to 20 minutes in the bathroom with your favorite oils and scents gives you that sexy feeling. You will find yourself more attractive, your blood pressure pumping and your body more awaken - that's another moral booster. However, the saying that "what you see, is what you get" also applies here. Therefore, ensure that your toilet area is always kept clean as well because a bathroom that looks nasty might lead to your day looking nasty.

  1. Put on a pair of Sunglasses

Sunglasses aren't just a pair of fashion accessory. It shields your eyes from the sun rays that could make you squint upon instant contact. It also prevents dust from gaining entry into the eyes. All these factors can actually make you feel aggressive and dampen your mood, hereby ruining your day.

If you are standing near the window - where the sun shines through to your room - you can also put on sunglasses while drinking a cup of coffee and stroking your furry pet or admiring your aromatic bouquet of flowers.

  1. Stay Motivated

You can buy an inspirational book and read every night and morning when you wake up. No matter who you look up to, reading or listening to a word of advice from them can help you have a positive attitude towards life. That will boost your mood and moral for the day's work. Here are some early morning quotes from some motivational speakers - to guide you:

"Good morning is not just a word, its an action and a belief to live the entire day well. Morning is the time when you set the tone for the rest of the day. Set it right.” — Fain Blake

"No you are not too late nor are you too old. This morning make up your mind to live anew. Life is not in the mundane boring things but in being alive and doing exciting things.” — Mira Banquets

"Don’t underestimate the power of thoughts and words. What you tell yourself every morning will set your mind and life on that path. Talk success, victory, happiness and blessings over your destiny.” — Nina Bolivares

Although, the best motivation is the one you give yourself. So always say "I will wake up early and I will have a great day ahead" - it has a way of tricking your brain into resetting your biological clock. You will find yourself even waking up before your alarm rings, and your productivity will also be heightened!

  1. Treat Yourself to Something Special Once in a While

On your way home, you can purchase a sweetened drink or something really nice to eat the next morning. There's nothing wrong with pampering yourself a little bit, you wake up looking forward to a better day - and of course, more treats!

Following this new routine will not only help you get out of bed quickly but also eliminate any feeling of sadness or grouchiness - hereby giving you the right moral booster and energizer needed to make you more productive every day!

Stay happy, strong and healthy because life is too short to let sadness take hold of you!