Have a Fulfilling Career

Your Career can be Fulfilling

Do you feel motivated when thinking about your job or do you want to just get it over with before the day even begins?

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The London School of Business and Finance (LSBF) reports that out of about 1000 professionals (in the UK) questioned in a survey, no less than 47% would love to change their jobs and at least one out of every five intends to career hop in about 12 months. The report also found that reason to be that these workers hope that a new job will provide better income; improve work- life balance and job satisfaction.

Having a fulfilling career is a sure means to life improvement. As an individual you can set and achieve personal goals, within your organization you make an invaluable impact and within the society as a whole you bring positive energy and contribute to the growth of the society.

The question thus becomes how to choose a career that is fulfilling or how to be feel fulfilled in your career; here are some tips to help navigate the process;

Define your interests and follow them

When choosing a career, outline your interests, values and what defines you as a person. It is sometimes useful to consult family and friends and hear their opinions on what they think you are passionate about. Build your career on issues that drive you or inspire you. Likewise, if you have already chosen a career path, create a mission statement based on your values and ideals, compare any work you do with it and apply it to your work, this will bring satisfaction in whatever you do. It is also very useful to identify a mentor and emulate their steps and learn for their mistake.

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Set goals

To achieve satisfaction and fulfillment in your career, it is important to set goals. Such goals could be long term goals or short term goals but most importantly set daily goals. Set goals that create self-improvement every day and work hard at achieving them. It is important to set attainable goals even if they only bring little improvement, do not compete with others but a steady pace for yourself and attain sustainable growth. Improve skill sets that are valuable for your job description and this will result in fulfillment

Be active rather than passive

No good can come from shying away from taking initiative, it is necessary to take action in order to find fulfillment in your career. Invest emotional and physical energy into your job, think ahead and undertake new assignments. Find new ways to do things, educate your self and step out of your comfort zone, this will bring more satisfaction than being passive about the job ever will

Build positive relationships

As humans being able to build and maintain positive and cordial relationships within our workspace can be very satisfying. Make effort to recognize your co-workers or even subordinates listen to them and show genuine interest in their opinions and thoughts, such actions go full circle and others will return the favor.