OCD – Compulsive Checking Disorder

Did I lock my car ?
Have I locked the house doors ?
Have I turned off all appliances ? Switched off unplugged ?
All of the above of course are things that we mutter to ourselves from time to time. Nor is this list by anyway exhaustive, but are perhaps the most common.
Not a problem unless checking becomes your default behavioural position. Your mantra, that above all else, that unless a certain ritual path of checking, counting is undertaken, then your daily life cannot begin.
But of course to those in the grip of O C D and in its most severe form, the routine of compulsive checking, becomes and is indeed, their daily life.
Unchecked the ritual ruins normal life, and negatively impacts relations.
But perhaps what is strange, quite apart from giving solace to the sufferer, that once checked, they may be content to get on with their day. Their thought processes only give them the urge and impulsion, to carry out, again and again that which is at the detriment of all else.
A self perpetuating vicious circle the result.
So the solution is to unlock, rewire the thought process, from the negative to the positive.
As with a lot of behavioural obsessions, phobia it sits in the mind of those afflicted.
With help, those thoughts, that narrative in your mind,  need to follow a new and healthier script.
We hope to have directed you to such a source of help.



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