Why you Should End a Toxic Relationship Before Its too Late

Movies and story books might have given you the analogy that every love affair ends with a "happily ever after". Many lovers go through hell with their partners because of this belief. But there are multiple cases when a relationship can go totally bad and even end your life. In as much as Romeo and Juliet died for love, that shouldn't be your case. When you realise the relationship between you and your partner is getting toxic, you need to find ways to leave - as it hardly turns out fine at the end of it all.

Forget about the movies and let's face reality. Humans have personal problems, bad habits, horrible attitudes and a not-so-cool mindset that prevents them from handling matters of the heart. Some people would even advice you that anything your partner does can be neglected as long as they love you. Well, that's already a warning signal that your relationship is getting toxic. This transcends to all types of love affairs regardless of sexual orientation. No particular person is naturally immune from or predisposed to jerks. Here's why you should end a toxic relationship before it's too late.

Realise that your Company is better than "Just Any" Company

It's not so easy walking away from a relationship. This is because, no matter how shy a person is or how much of an introvert they are, they still long for physical contact, affection, communication and interaction. That's what makes us human right? But In the quest for all that, would you rather feel lonely in a relationship or be alone all by yourself? Here's a better explanation. Being in a relationship where your partner hardly responds to calls or messages only to come back every morning to apologize and zoom off once you forgive. That's a feeling a loneliness while in a relationship. Wouldn't you rather just be happy and stay on your own?

You can take a look at the signs you noticed in your previous relationship(s) that made you leave. Are they similar to what you're encountering right now? If yes, then it's likely to end how the other(s) did. There's actually no reason to put up with jerk when you know you really deserve better. A jerk will always remain a jerk - except something miraculous happens. Look out for your own happiness and cut off any leech that intends to infringe on it. Remember, "bad company corrupts good manners".


Your Personal Growth is Hindered

Imagine being in a relationship where the blame is always on you whenever something goes wrong. "why did you..; you shouldn't have....; how can you even do something like that?"; and so on. There is no way you can grow and be better person with such constant browbeating. This is because you tend to feel inferior or less than average as compared to your partner - who seems to be "perfect". This can also affect your productivity in life and at your workplace. Therefore, build up your confidence. You shouldn't be in a relationship where your partner doesn't appreciate your actions and dialogue to encourage you to be a better person.

It Affects your Health

First of all, mental health problems are some of the biggest issues in the world today. With an estimated 1 in every 4 people believed to have a mental disorder, a toxic relationship can lead to negative effects on your mental, physical and emotional well being. Physical illness, depression, anxiety and even suicidal thoughts can become a regular phenomenon for someone in a toxic relationship. When it gets to physical and emotional abuse, things can even get worse. It's way cheaper walking away from such affairs than spending your life savings on anti-depressants and rehab.

Finally, keep in mind that nobody deserves to be treated less than they are worth. Why imprison yourself in a toxic relationship when you can offer genuine love to and get unadulterated happiness from a better partner?

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